She Remembers, Me Too…


Beginning Again: A daughter remembers,  from her blog to mine.
My first beginning was a good one. I was born to a good mother and father with the sound of the ocean in my ear, sand at my feet and family at my fingertips. I knew nothing but love when I came into this world and love has stayed with me throughout my almost 35 years on this earth.


I have pictures and scenes from my childhood stored away in a special spot in my mind, saved just for me. Things like playing with the hose and a trash can in our long drive way. Eating a McDonalds breakfast in our car port, after a morning at the beach. Playing hide and seek in my AhPo’s backyard with my cousin. Coming home to hear puppies under our house, and then getting to play with the puppies before we gave them away.

Time seemed slower then. Maybe it was because we lived in Hawaii and the watches everyone wears there run a bit slower than the rest of the world. Maybe it was just because I was a kid, and when you’re a kid you have no one to worry about but yourself and when the next fun thing will come along.


Waimanalo, Oahu

Early one morning, before the sun was up, my father woke me. He wanted to go fishing. We packed our fishing gear in our Volks Wagon bus and went down to a spot near a pier. Dad put his big fishing rod in the sand and we fished. When you fish on the shore you don’t do very much. Just mostly sit and wait. Nothing spectacular happened and I don’t even remember bringing home a fish, but it is one of my favorite memories. I was four or five at the time and every time, from that morning on, we drove by that little spot by the pier I would remember our morning together. That morning was magic to me. I got to spend the morning with my dad all by myself, without my baby brother. Life was so great at age 4.


I did not know how magical my childhood was, until I became a mother and started to want for my children what my mother and father gave to me. I did not have fairey friends nor did I have a magic wand that granted me my every desire. The magic came from my family and the importance of family that was ingrained in me from the moment I was born. My AhKung used to say, “your friends will come and go, but family will be all you have in the end.” Well, it was something like that. He was right. He was the head of the family and he made sure we all knew how important family was. He told it to us often and showed us how even more often than he said it.

So fast forward a few years and here I am living at my mom and dad’s house, again, but with my four kids and husband too. Some days I feel so pathetic. How did we end up here? We should be on our own, in our own house, making magical memories for our kids. It’s only for a few months, but it still sucks! Then I remember that we are with family and my childhood magic started with my mom and dad, so maybe I can pass a bit of it onto my kids afterall. Maybe I don’t need a beach and a pier to give them some magical memories. Ugh! I’m so afraid the fondest memories my children will have of me is yelling and nagging at them, of which I do alot of.


So here at my mom and dad’s I get to begin again. I get to have a second beginning. My children will get to have a second beginning too. I hope one day they will say their beginning was a good one and their childhood was magic too. They were born with sunshine in their eyes, the desert at their feet and family at their finger tips. They have known nothing but love and love will be with them through their entire lives.


This was taken from Kanani’s blog  without her permission. So sorry.



The Lehua Flower

A Hawaiian Legend

One day Pele, the goddess of the volcano, met a handsome young man named Ohia. She desired to have him as her sweetheart. He confessed that he already was in love with another young girl, Lehua. This enraged Pele and she used her magical powers to transform the young man into the ugly Ohia tree. Lehua was terribly sad and pleaded with Pele to return the young man back to his human form. Pele refused so Lehua begged the gods to help her to be reunited with Ohia. Instead of changing Ohia back to a human, the gods transform Lehua into a lovely red blossom to adorn the Ohia tree. Now when anyone picks a Lehua blossom, it will rain because the lovers have been separated.

I digress from my normal postings to share a bit of Hawaii with you. Hope you enjoyed it.

It’s your vision…

Just because Ansel Adams says so, doesn’t make it right. Open your eyes and see again. Care not what others think might be, but stay true to your vision”.

Photo: Around the island drive-by shooting. Oahu, Hawaii

Blast from the past revisited…

1982 Waimanalo Pier, Oahu, Hawaii.
My daughter and I fishing off the pier catching absolutely nothing but having a blast, and she still talks about it today.

1980, Oahu Eastside
Back in the day I fished from the shore (not here) around the island with my wife and baby in the early hours of the morning. This method you see here is called slide bait.

1979, Laie Point, Oahu
A favorite place to watch whale races at night 😙.

Hope you enjoyed this second look back, I have hundreds of negatives in sleeves waiting to be digitized. Someday I’ll get off my…

The Cement Jungle


Brick and mortar, when does it end?

The never-ending struggle for space in Hawaii particularly Oahu has always been a headache for Hawaiians. Properties have come down in size but have gone up in price, zoning laws have changed and now in residential areas you’re allowed to build two-story homes to accommodate those living with you. They call this Ohana dwelling meaning family, which allows you to build additional houses on your property.

It’s bad enough that to purchase land here it will be either fee simple meaning you can own the property out right or lease land where you buy the property but you pay the the investor a yearly fee never actually owning the rights to the property.

Add to all this the fact that houses start at $600,000 and up and you have a place that seems not very likely that you would want to live in.

But Hawaii is unique filled with treasures to see and places to explore. The aloha spirit that is here is what keeps Hawaiians and everyone else synced to this land. It is called “Aina” meaning the land.

I don’t think the building will stop anytime soon but that won’t stop me from coming home to visit it’s beautiful beaches and lush landscape and oh yeah, family.

So when does it all end?

It won’t and neither will I

Photo: Honolulu with Diamond Head
in background.
Below: Ala Wai harbor on the outskirts of Waikiki.