Just Saying…   Hey Gang 

It goes without saying, life’s greatest job is that of a father. Some agree, some don’t, I do! After all, when it’s said and done and the armor of life is stripped from you, and you’re standing there alone, to be judged… what are you left with? Only family

Trust In Me…

In my arms he falls asleep …
This is the time to share my life’s experiences with my Mo’o puna, grandchildren. To teach, guide and love them unconditionally. No Diapers!


Looking back… I Was Dad

You’d think by now, the birth of our third child, that I would be an old pro at this.

It was like I forgot everything I have learned on the previous two births and I was starting out all over again. But hang in there I did and supported my good wife as best as I could. I know she appreciated the fact that I was there, and I was not going to miss this. 

To this day I marvel and wonder about what I, we, went through. From conception to birth, from child to youth to adult. I watched it all. I was a creator of sorts myself. From all this I came to the appreciation of a mothers role in the family. Me, I’m there for support and a good smack once in a while (I mean I give the smack!), but her, she is that go to person that never stops to think of herself. Always there to sooth the pain, calm the nerves, kiss the hurt. 

So, home again for the third time with another boy. Our family was growing and things were grand. It was a good time in our lives… I was dad.

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Note: This story is from my on going book I’m writing for my family. I’ve been working on it for what seems forever. It may never get done… hope you enjoyed it.