These hands of mine…

You can tell a great deal about someone just from looking at their hands. 

Smooth and soft as a baby or hard and rough as a construction worker, hands can generally dictate what a person is all about. Take mine for instance, (really the only pair I know well), a hardy handshake to a warm embrace they have traveled far and wide experiencing both the good and the not so good. And for some reason it’s my hands that seem to be in the best shape ever, for which I am so grateful for. 

After 60+ years of life they can still do their magic, helping along the way to those I love or even those I don’t know. You see, it’s what you do with them that make all the difference. I appreciate the fact that I still have ’em. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying hands make you a better person, far from it. Because I know people with no hands that have a more productive life than most…  I’m saying it’s the way in which you use them that determine the person you are.

So maybe it’s time we all took a second look at our hands and think about where have they been and where are they going. Young hands, old and wrinkley, whatever you got, put them to better use… Today!    Cheers all, Pete

Blast from the past revisited…

1982 Waimanalo Pier, Oahu, Hawaii.
My daughter and I fishing off the pier catching absolutely nothing but having a blast, and she still talks about it today.

1980, Oahu Eastside
Back in the day I fished from the shore (not here) around the island with my wife and baby in the early hours of the morning. This method you see here is called slide bait.

1979, Laie Point, Oahu
A favorite place to watch whale races at night 😙.

Hope you enjoyed this second look back, I have hundreds of negatives in sleeves waiting to be digitized. Someday I’ll get off my…

Blinded By The Light…

Way too much contrast, blown highlights and no image at all in the shadows, just the way I like it…
You never know if you never try.


Driving home and in direct view of the sun. It was a harsh photo op, but hey you never know…