Just Saying…   Hey Gang 

It goes without saying, life’s greatest job is that of a father. Some agree, some don’t, I do! After all, when it’s said and done and the armor of life is stripped from you, and you’re standing there alone, to be judged… what are you left with? Only family

So far, so good… I think!

Remembering how it all went down.
As a young dad I was pretty naive about fatherhood but my willingness to succeed overshadowed my clumsy attempt at being all I could be. I had no clue about it, I just knew it had to work. I don’t remember reading a book or taking a class about fatherhood, what I did know was the example set by my own father growing up, remembering the times we had together and lessons learned. It seemed that earlier knowledge was packed away somewhere ready to come out when it was needed.

My wife on the other hand seemed to be that supermom, knowing exactly what to do and when to do it. She was in control. She went, I followed… Go figure

If you’re a guy reading this, there’s a great lesson here, keep your mouth shut and follow your women…

Photos: Top, Grandkids in grandpa’s pool. Where else are they going on a summer day