The Lehua Flower

A Hawaiian Legend

One day Pele, the goddess of the volcano, met a handsome young man named Ohia. She desired to have him as her sweetheart. He confessed that he already was in love with another young girl, Lehua. This enraged Pele and she used her magical powers to transform the young man into the ugly Ohia tree. Lehua was terribly sad and pleaded with Pele to return the young man back to his human form. Pele refused so Lehua begged the gods to help her to be reunited with Ohia. Instead of changing Ohia back to a human, the gods transform Lehua into a lovely red blossom to adorn the Ohia tree. Now when anyone picks a Lehua blossom, it will rain because the lovers have been separated.

I digress from my normal postings to share a bit of Hawaii with you. Hope you enjoyed it.

It’s your vision…

Just because Ansel Adams says so, doesn’t make it right. Open your eyes and see again. Care not what others think might be, but stay true to your vision”.

Photo: Around the island drive-by shooting. Oahu, Hawaii

Blast from the past revisited…

1982 Waimanalo Pier, Oahu, Hawaii.
My daughter and I fishing off the pier catching absolutely nothing but having a blast, and she still talks about it today.

1980, Oahu Eastside
Back in the day I fished from the shore (not here) around the island with my wife and baby in the early hours of the morning. This method you see here is called slide bait.

1979, Laie Point, Oahu
A favorite place to watch whale races at night 😙.

Hope you enjoyed this second look back, I have hundreds of negatives in sleeves waiting to be digitized. Someday I’ll get off my…

Blast From The Past…

Back in the late 60s through the early 80s I was a budding photographer with endless days of shooting who knows what and with countless hours of working in the bathroom, I mean darkroom. And to this day I still have hundreds upon hundreds of negatives still in sleeves waiting to be digitized.

I can still remember the excitement I had waiting for each picture to develop. It was an exciting time for me as I learned and discovered the mysteries of photography. Photography taught you to be accurate and have lots of patience, it took time, it made you think, it swallowed you in, but you loved it.

I have no problem with the digital life today and the speed at which we can get things done. But I do feel experiencing both sides of the coin has made me a better photographer.



Note: Photos were all taken in the early 80’s.

1. Sunset Beach, Oahu
2. Hula Keiki, (this used to be called depth of field)
3. My son Chris
4. Jogger with his dog, Waimanalo, Oahu
5. My two kids and niece, back porch at Ahpo’s (grandmother) house