She Remembers, Me Too…


Beginning Again: A daughter remembers,  from her blog to mine.
My first beginning was a good one. I was born to a good mother and father with the sound of the ocean in my ear, sand at my feet and family at my fingertips. I knew nothing but love when I came into this world and love has stayed with me throughout my almost 35 years on this earth.


I have pictures and scenes from my childhood stored away in a special spot in my mind, saved just for me. Things like playing with the hose and a trash can in our long drive way. Eating a McDonalds breakfast in our car port, after a morning at the beach. Playing hide and seek in my AhPo’s backyard with my cousin. Coming home to hear puppies under our house, and then getting to play with the puppies before we gave them away.

Time seemed slower then. Maybe it was because we lived in Hawaii and the watches everyone wears there run a bit slower than the rest of the world. Maybe it was just because I was a kid, and when you’re a kid you have no one to worry about but yourself and when the next fun thing will come along.


Waimanalo, Oahu

Early one morning, before the sun was up, my father woke me. He wanted to go fishing. We packed our fishing gear in our Volks Wagon bus and went down to a spot near a pier. Dad put his big fishing rod in the sand and we fished. When you fish on the shore you don’t do very much. Just mostly sit and wait. Nothing spectacular happened and I don’t even remember bringing home a fish, but it is one of my favorite memories. I was four or five at the time and every time, from that morning on, we drove by that little spot by the pier I would remember our morning together. That morning was magic to me. I got to spend the morning with my dad all by myself, without my baby brother. Life was so great at age 4.


I did not know how magical my childhood was, until I became a mother and started to want for my children what my mother and father gave to me. I did not have fairey friends nor did I have a magic wand that granted me my every desire. The magic came from my family and the importance of family that was ingrained in me from the moment I was born. My AhKung used to say, “your friends will come and go, but family will be all you have in the end.” Well, it was something like that. He was right. He was the head of the family and he made sure we all knew how important family was. He told it to us often and showed us how even more often than he said it.

So fast forward a few years and here I am living at my mom and dad’s house, again, but with my four kids and husband too. Some days I feel so pathetic. How did we end up here? We should be on our own, in our own house, making magical memories for our kids. It’s only for a few months, but it still sucks! Then I remember that we are with family and my childhood magic started with my mom and dad, so maybe I can pass a bit of it onto my kids afterall. Maybe I don’t need a beach and a pier to give them some magical memories. Ugh! I’m so afraid the fondest memories my children will have of me is yelling and nagging at them, of which I do alot of.


So here at my mom and dad’s I get to begin again. I get to have a second beginning. My children will get to have a second beginning too. I hope one day they will say their beginning was a good one and their childhood was magic too. They were born with sunshine in their eyes, the desert at their feet and family at their finger tips. They have known nothing but love and love will be with them through their entire lives.


This was taken from Kanani’s blog  without her permission. So sorry.



Trust In Me…

In my arms he falls asleep …
This is the time to share my life’s experiences with my Mo’o puna, grandchildren. To teach, guide and love them unconditionally. No Diapers!


Blast From The Past…

Back in the late 60s through the early 80s I was a budding photographer with endless days of shooting who knows what and with countless hours of working in the bathroom, I mean darkroom. And to this day I still have hundreds upon hundreds of negatives still in sleeves waiting to be digitized.

I can still remember the excitement I had waiting for each picture to develop. It was an exciting time for me as I learned and discovered the mysteries of photography. Photography taught you to be accurate and have lots of patience, it took time, it made you think, it swallowed you in, but you loved it.

I have no problem with the digital life today and the speed at which we can get things done. But I do feel experiencing both sides of the coin has made me a better photographer.



Note: Photos were all taken in the early 80’s.

1. Sunset Beach, Oahu
2. Hula Keiki, (this used to be called depth of field)
3. My son Chris
4. Jogger with his dog, Waimanalo, Oahu
5. My two kids and niece, back porch at Ahpo’s (grandmother) house

Be A Kid…

Some people call it the Ying and the Yang and some say opposites attract. I call it a mass confusion of chili peppers and wild nuts with sugar and honey thrown in it.

Don’t let those wonderful smiles and cute faces fool you too. You have to prepare yourself for the Clash of the Titans when they come to visit and the visits our weekly. They can’t wait to get to Nana and Papa’s house. My bedroom is on lockdown my office chained up as I prepare for another new adventure with the grandkids.

It’s love one minute she hit me the next then hugs and kisses all around. This crazy circle of emotion will last all day and into the night. The fact that they survived each other is beyond me.

We can all learn a little something here. We are quick to pass judgment and sometimes it seems easier to walk away rather than to stick it out. As I watch Jade and Jessey play with each I sometimes think of how my wife and I did together. And, we are still here after 40ish years. Go figure. So maybe these two peas in a pod got something going for them. Jessey the dainty petite and high strung kid and Jade who is 4 going on 14, she could talk the ears off of anyone.

As they grow up together to experience all that life has to offer we can do ourselves good just to sit back and learn from them. Their example and sweet attitude toward life and each other is something to cherish and live by…  Be a kid

Jessey (on left), Jade