She Remembers, Me Too…


Beginning Again: A daughter remembers,  from her blog to mine.
My first beginning was a good one. I was born to a good mother and father with the sound of the ocean in my ear, sand at my feet and family at my fingertips. I knew nothing but love when I came into this world and love has stayed with me throughout my almost 35 years on this earth.


I have pictures and scenes from my childhood stored away in a special spot in my mind, saved just for me. Things like playing with the hose and a trash can in our long drive way. Eating a McDonalds breakfast in our car port, after a morning at the beach. Playing hide and seek in my AhPo’s backyard with my cousin. Coming home to hear puppies under our house, and then getting to play with the puppies before we gave them away.

Time seemed slower then. Maybe it was because we lived in Hawaii and the watches everyone wears there run a bit slower than the rest of the world. Maybe it was just because I was a kid, and when you’re a kid you have no one to worry about but yourself and when the next fun thing will come along.


Waimanalo, Oahu

Early one morning, before the sun was up, my father woke me. He wanted to go fishing. We packed our fishing gear in our Volks Wagon bus and went down to a spot near a pier. Dad put his big fishing rod in the sand and we fished. When you fish on the shore you don’t do very much. Just mostly sit and wait. Nothing spectacular happened and I don’t even remember bringing home a fish, but it is one of my favorite memories. I was four or five at the time and every time, from that morning on, we drove by that little spot by the pier I would remember our morning together. That morning was magic to me. I got to spend the morning with my dad all by myself, without my baby brother. Life was so great at age 4.


I did not know how magical my childhood was, until I became a mother and started to want for my children what my mother and father gave to me. I did not have fairey friends nor did I have a magic wand that granted me my every desire. The magic came from my family and the importance of family that was ingrained in me from the moment I was born. My AhKung used to say, “your friends will come and go, but family will be all you have in the end.” Well, it was something like that. He was right. He was the head of the family and he made sure we all knew how important family was. He told it to us often and showed us how even more often than he said it.

So fast forward a few years and here I am living at my mom and dad’s house, again, but with my four kids and husband too. Some days I feel so pathetic. How did we end up here? We should be on our own, in our own house, making magical memories for our kids. It’s only for a few months, but it still sucks! Then I remember that we are with family and my childhood magic started with my mom and dad, so maybe I can pass a bit of it onto my kids afterall. Maybe I don’t need a beach and a pier to give them some magical memories. Ugh! I’m so afraid the fondest memories my children will have of me is yelling and nagging at them, of which I do alot of.


So here at my mom and dad’s I get to begin again. I get to have a second beginning. My children will get to have a second beginning too. I hope one day they will say their beginning was a good one and their childhood was magic too. They were born with sunshine in their eyes, the desert at their feet and family at their finger tips. They have known nothing but love and love will be with them through their entire lives.


This was taken from Kanani’s blog  without her permission. So sorry.



The Lehua Flower

A Hawaiian Legend

One day Pele, the goddess of the volcano, met a handsome young man named Ohia. She desired to have him as her sweetheart. He confessed that he already was in love with another young girl, Lehua. This enraged Pele and she used her magical powers to transform the young man into the ugly Ohia tree. Lehua was terribly sad and pleaded with Pele to return the young man back to his human form. Pele refused so Lehua begged the gods to help her to be reunited with Ohia. Instead of changing Ohia back to a human, the gods transform Lehua into a lovely red blossom to adorn the Ohia tree. Now when anyone picks a Lehua blossom, it will rain because the lovers have been separated.

I digress from my normal postings to share a bit of Hawaii with you. Hope you enjoyed it.

Fact of life…

It’s a fact of life that you can’t always get what you want, that the effort you put forth, your reward will be based on that effort. It’s a fact of life that maybe sometimes, you have to let life take the reins to carry you where it goes. And it’s a fact of life that, life can just suck… Such has been the ride in my life, of hills and valleys, of storms and blue skies.

As I started this venture in 1971(marriage), I was unaware of the challenges, difficulties, pain and joy that children would bring. So much emotion, so many decisions. And I’m not only talking from a parent’s standpoint, but from the child.

These kids are as different as night and day. To this day, I can’t figure how a set of parents can make three totally different individuals. With one, I hardly ever had to assist. Her life filled with a positive force that willed her along a path that any parent would be proud. Another, we had to keep on a short leash all through his early years, and a third, who just would not let us in at times.

But through life’s struggles, we become strong. Experience leads the way to perfection, or at least a better life. And those seeds that were planted during childhood will bloom someday to help inspire, shape and create that soul that will live out it’s years here on earth.

So, are we there yet? probably not. And we may never get there… I had no idea where my life was heading, back in 1971. All I knew was that I had a good women at my side and we were ready to face life together. Yes, life can suck, but life can be grand. It’s what you make of it. Be safe

Note: From my personal journal

Just saying…

And what have Life’s lessons taught me:  I learned that candy can only go so far, that money was never the answer and that you better know what your wife said first before you start making decisions about the children.

I learned that love is always the answer, and a hug is worth it’s weight in gold. I’ve learned that patience and understanding is the key to success with the kids and the Mrs. And, Ive learned that sometimes you need to shut up and just accept. There is always another day. Cheers

Note: An excerpt from my personal journal.

And so it begins… Part 1


“All that work, all that money”

Cupid has a funny way of introducing himself. I am no ladies man, but I do have my moments, and one of those moments happened in the spring of 1970. Like a thief in the night, his arrow was low and slow but accurate and effective. I didn’t even see it coming. I had no clue what happened and I just accepted it and went on. Sometimes you just have to do things without question or reason. Sure, it’s a little dangerous, but it’s a risk/reward type of thing. And so, my courtship with Donna begins…

The risk: I’m not sure of the why and the how factor in falling in love, I only knew it happened and I was going to do everything in my power to keep it that way. I had a good job, was still living at home and was just as irresponsible as the next guy. No big bills, no kids, no nothing… at 21 years, I could do anything.
My thoughts about Donna had changed over the past few months, from that plain Jane of a girl into a beautiful, bright and spirited young women. “What the hell is happening here?”. Whatever feelings I had before about her were gone and forgotten, and I was overtaken by a myriad of emotions and uncertain feelings about myself and the future. I was committed 100 percent, but I was just not sure about Donna. I knew she liked me, but hey, where have I been all these years? I’ll tell you, in my own little world.
Donna was a social butterfly. She knew lots of people, had some great friends and was enjoying life in the tourist industry… Meanwhile I was sort of quiet and reserve, not very quick to meet new people, and always wanting to stay in the back and blend in. Let’s hope that old saying, opposites attract has meaning here. My plan was simple and direct, dinners, dancing (remember the 70’s was the disco era) and never leaving her side. I was going to bombard her and break her into submission. Little did I know…