This should have been my very first post…

Growing up in Hawaii in the 50s and 60s you were somewhat sheltered from the outside world. Then, Hawaii was a close knit place not complicated, not hard, but simple, certain and safe.
My childhood was centered around a loving family. It was pretty much a “Cosby” or “Leave it to Beaver” scenario. It was predictable. When you have parents who care and kids that are goody to-shoes there’s not a whole lot of drama that’s going to happen.

I learned later in life that there’s more to life than me. A self-centered person living in a self-centered world. You see I firmly believe my life didn’t really start until I married my wife in October of 1971. For the first time in my short life I’ve done something that will have a profound impact on me in the years to follow.

So I write these stories, whatever you want to call them, so you might know what I know, the how, the why of things that matter to me as a person, as a husband, and now as a grandfather. I dedicate this to my kids that they might read and know about their dad, and that they always remember it is “they” who have kept me going all these years.

And if I have help someone along the way, that would make my heart leap knowing that I was an influence on their life’s journey.

Photos: Top, Kailua Beach
Bottom: Pounders Beach, Laie, Oahu